About Digital Downshift

Digital Downshift is about building success online, for a better offline.

We’ll explore business strategies and ideas, and meet others that have tapped into the online economy to build happier, more secure lives.

About Jason Paul Hendricks

I launched Digital Downshift to share what I’ve encountered and learned over three plus decades of entrepreneurship and career-hood, both my mistakes and successes. My experience ranges from bootstrapped solo startups to corporate roles with publicly traded companies (and everything in between).

I’ve taken a long and winding work-life path that includes the creative arts, travel, parenthood, entrepreneurship and the corporate world. My career in finance wouldn’t have happened without also playing music in NYC. I’ve worked at Fortune 500 firms but I never finished college. I’m now in my 50s, but I’ve still got lots to learn.

This podcast is where I’ll discuss and document moving forward in my journey. With an obsession for business building and continuous learning, I’ll apply my lessons learned to achieve greater happiness and security (and help others do the same).

Passion drives me, but the people I meet along the way are my real motivation. That means you and the guests that join me on the Digital Downshift Podcast!

Come along as I explore careening careers, start-up spelunking and income experiments (my own and others). Listen and subscribe now!

Jason Paul Hendricks
Jason Paul Hendricks, Host
Digital Downshift Podcast

Join the conversation! I welcome your thoughts, feedback and suggestions for guests as well! Come with me on the Digital Downshift.