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Digital Downshift is about choosing your next career, taking control of your financial future and achieving a better, more rewarding life.

About J. Paul HendricksJ Paul Hendricks Panel Discussion

I launched Digital Downshift to capture and share much of what I myself encountered through three plus decades in the financial services and fintech space. I am a finance tech industry veteran and have an ongoing obsession with personal investing, online and startup business and continuous learning.

I’ve worked and lived around the world. Much of that time I spent in the capital markets and finance industry, including a top global investment bank and leading tech solutions provider. But much of what I know comes from my career careening and start-up spelunking; my experiments, successes and many, many mistakes. The focus at Digital Downshift will be on income generation and investing, business (and life) management, and self-improvement through education.

I look forward to writing and sharing about these here, and having other folks share share their knowledge and experiences as well. And I welcome your thoughts and feedback too. I also post on various topics including personal finance and investment updates at

Moving Forward With Digital Downshift

Digital Downshift is for anyone that feels like they are going nowhere in their current job or career, and wants to achieve long-term financial security and self-reliance. Are you a Shifter? Only you can decide to take action and make it so. But here is what some Shifters look like.

Are You a Shifter?View Into Trees and Sky

If you are a college student or new grad that bought into the promise of a university degree but are finding it impossible to realize your dream, you may be a Shifter.

If you are a young adult adrift in the job market, and have realized you’re made for something more; something greater…you may be a Shifter.

If you are a mid-lifer facing job insecurity or a budget cliff and need to provide more for your family and your future, you might be a Shifter.

If you are a go-getter and ready to change the world but stuck in a company with no vision, or stalled in your current position with little hope of advancement, you may be a Shifter.

Be The Shift

Our motivations and challenges vary, but the old adage is true: the only constant is change. We must change with it. We must shift.