Making Investments

Making and managing investments wisely and effectively is the single most powerful means a person has to grow and reinforce their financial future.

The Importance Of Managing Your Own Finances

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While the stock market or other kinds of investing may seem risky, it is more predictable and easier than you think. In fact, in order to outperform their peers and the markets, professional investment managers often take more risks and lose money in the process. Managing your own investments, in contrast, can lead to better returns and more consistent growth. Investing your own money also means you can manage your investment plan according to your personal needs and circumstances. An investment advisor will always put their own interests ahead of yours. There’s also the simple fact that you have to pay them first for their “expert advice”, and those advisor fees and commissions can really eat away at your investment …

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FERN not FIRE: Long Term Financial Security (Without Getting Burned)

Plant Burning Fire Danger

It’s burning hot. Financial “independence” is wicked hot. Not sure what it means but it sounds hot. And the way they rock that extreme frugality? That monthly budget is smokin’! OMG and that automated broad market index ETF investing strategy is on FIRE! There are some real issues with FIRE (financial independence, retire early) and with its lofty goals and commonly touted strategy. There’s the practical realities of life and that most people cannot even consider taking this approach. But there are also some fundamental flaws with FIRE that will potentially undermine even the most enthusiastic follower of this approach. And there is an alternative to this idea of financial life management. It’s not as brandable, and it still requires …

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