5 Asset Types We All Possess (and Underutilize)

5 Asset Types We All Possess and Under-utilize
Digital Downshift
5 Asset Types We All Possess (and Underutilize)

Episode 3: 5 Asset Types We All Possess (and Underutilize)

This is Episode 3 of the Digital Downshift Podcast. With this episode we start a new series, called “Bring It”. 🙂

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Here are some of the ideas covered in this episode…

Taking Inventory of Personal Life Assets

  • We all need a plan and an assessment of our available resources
  • Define “assets” beyond just financial assets
  • The full life portfolio reflects our stories, skills, experience (good or bad) and more; not just financial prosperity
  • Manage personal life assets carefully like financial assets

The Five Types of Personal Life Assets

Origin Stories and Your Starting Capital

  • Childhood and family experiences that shaped who you are
  • Powerful reference points to better understand yourself and relate to others

Skills, Education and Continuous Learning

  • Practical knowledge and areas of expertise
  • Formal education, degrees, certifications
  • Continuous learning mindset and potential knowledge

Work, Career and Business Experience

  • All jobs and roles throughout life, not just recent
  • Primary career accomplishments
  • Business ownership experience, even failures

Personal Experience, Milestones and Activities

  • Family life experiences
  • Health, security, mental wellness
  • Hobbies, interests, extracurricular activities
  • Major life events

Community and Legacy

  • Volunteer work, charitable efforts
  • Impact on family, community, world
  • Reflecting on how choices shape your legacy

That’s a Wrap

  • Full life portfolio is the sum of all personal life assets
  • Taking inventory allows valuing and managing assets fully
  • Growing assets can translate into greater overall wealth

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