How Not To Launch a Podcast?

Episode 2: How Not To Start a Podcast?
Digital Downshift
How Not To Launch a Podcast?

Episode 2: How Not To Launch a Podcast?

Digital Downshift aims to provide valuable content and ideas to its listeners, even if it means bucking conventional podcast standards. I seek to prioritize high-quality ideas and information, and exploring useful themes and concepts in an engaging way. And I’ll do that in a less rigid and predictable way that permits…flexibility.

Ultimately, this is about helping entrepreneurs, career professionals, ‘shifters’ that are transitioning jobs/roles, and anyone looking to leverage their existing skills and knowledge to build or grow online ventures. To do that, we’ll step off the “main road” and explore fresh ideas or new perspectives on established concepts.

Topics covered in this episode include:

Podcast Format and Content Approach

  • Episode formats planned:
    • Solo episodes riffing on specific ideas/themes
    • Interviews with exceptional people; targeting unexplored ideas
    • “Read-downs” providing commentary on insightful articles
    • Q&A shows answering audience and community questions
  • Flexible episode lengths from 5 minutes to over an hour
  • Quality over rigid release schedule (only when valuable content is ready)
  • Prioritize consistent high-quality over consistent release schedule
  • Unconventional approach may hinder rapid audience growth initially

Goals and Audience

  • Step off the “main road” to explore fresh perspectives
  • Provide candid, outside-the-box concepts for a digital-first economy
  • Reflect and be guided by diverse backgrounds of listeners
  • Entrepreneurs (new and experienced), career professionals, and career shifters
  • Anyone looking to leverage existing skills/knowledge for online success