Interview: Glen Allsopp of – Pt.1

Interview with Glen Allsopp of - Digital Downshift Podcast
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Interview: Glen Allsopp of - Pt.1

Episode 5: Interview with Glen Allsopp of – Pt.1

This is Episode 5 of the Digital Downshift Podcast. And this is the first guest and interview episode!

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I am honored and excited that SEO seer, writer, marketer and maker Glen Allsopp joins us on this episode of the Digital Downshift Podcast!

Glen has been a hands-on practitioner of online marketing for over 15 years. He is a consultant to major corporate clients, and followed by media thought-leaders and the biggest names in SEO. At, he brings a keen eye and a wealth of both technical and design knowledge to the practical side of marketing. Yet his analytical nature has also led to some truly unique insights and data on the business landscape of online media.

Glen really is a pioneer; an uncommon mix of artist and analyst. His published articles and reports are always chock full of keen observations and ideas. And we’re very lucky, in this interview, to get his thoughts on a whole range of topics.

He was also very generous with his time, allowing us over 2 hours to really go deep on some of these topics. So I have broken the discussion into 2 episodes.

Topics Covered

  • On quality over quantity…
  • Why he has never had to remove a single thing from SEO Blueprint…
  • Content, courses, conferences and clients in a post-HCU world…
  • The intersection of finance and digital marketing…
  • Hear about “Super Pixels” directly from glen for the first time ever…
  • How Glen got a link from Matt Cutts…
  • The natural, human response to giving…
  • Monetizing a podcast, before there was a podcast…
  • And MUCH MORE…

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