Trailer: Build Success Online, For a Better Offline

Podcast Trailer
Digital Downshift
Trailer: Build Success Online, For a Better Offline

Mindset Downshift to Digital Abundance

Digital Downshift is a podcast that explores how to thrive and grow amidst rapid changes, technological disruption and job market uncertainties. The podcast is for both established professionals looking for a career reboot and young adults struggling to get their footing.

Host Jason Paul Hendricks explores strategies for monetizing your current knowledge and experience through online platforms and digital entrepreneurship, to build success online for a better life offline. With a background spanning finance, music, startups and corporate roles (despite never finishing college), Hendricks understands the obstacles people can face but also sees an abundance of untapped opportunities.

Opportunity on Your Own Terms

Digital Downshift brings on guests who have tapped into the digital economy to create happier, more financially secure lives. Hendricks’ own winding journey also informs this exploration into shifting priorities and finding our version of success in a rapidly evolving world.

Digital Downshift aims to guide listeners towards making the most of the digital economy and new technologies, to transition towards more purposeful and sustainable work on your own terms. It’s is a hopeful exploration of how to future-proof your career and lifestyle by embracing digital opportunities and pivoting toward an entrepreneurial mindset.